before the melting

He’s not much taller than me and when he holds me I think about wholeness even though i was whole already. Kissing him coincides with the coming of winter. By morning he is scraping frost and i am drinking the dregs of a kombucha. Sorry I waited so long to kiss you, he says, kissing me. I wonder if I should be afraid that he … Continue reading before the melting

the mystery of the blueberries

I am in the habit of hiking without worrying whether I reach the top of any mountain or not. I can’t decide if this shows a lack of ambition or a focus on the journey rather than the destination. I’ve been doing that too, Julia says. Let’s break the habit and summit this mountain what do you say!? It had been so bright and warm … Continue reading the mystery of the blueberries

playing straight: the haunting of the heteropatriarchy

I was nine years old when a babysitter I loved bought me a Good Charlotte CD with that song that goes like, Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money / Boys will laugh at girls when they’re not funny. At the time, my queerness was still just an otherness I hid from myself, and i hadn’t even bristled yet at how there were no … Continue reading playing straight: the haunting of the heteropatriarchy