when i was younger, i remember my dad and my mom both explaining why they were too tired to read but not too tired to watch tv. i do not remember what they said exactly, just the sense that 8 hours at a desk made word processing in the evening painful rather than fun or relaxing. zoning out in front of another screen was easier. … Continue reading tgif

sean king in alaska

sean king spoke in alaska he said see the problem is we confuse technological advances for social progress. we assume that over time, humanity keeps getting gentler; that over time, we learn from our mistakes. we don’t. not always. right now we are near the valley. right now, there are more incarcerated people than any point in all of human history. right now, being black … Continue reading sean king in alaska

love poem #261

In yoga class on the 1st of the year, minutes after the sun finally rises in Alaska — 10:30 a.m. — the teacher tells us about the importance of precision over perfection. The difference, she explains, is that when you are precise, you are fully present. All you have to do is concentrate. Everything real happens in this moment. Focus. It was a helpful reminder … Continue reading love poem #261

before the melting

He’s not much taller than me and when he holds me I think about wholeness even though i was whole already. Kissing him coincides with the coming of winter. By morning he is scraping frost and i am drinking the dregs of a kombucha. Sorry I waited so long to kiss you, he says, kissing me. I wonder if I should be afraid that he … Continue reading before the melting