just trying to figure out who i am

-girl (worse pay cuter butt) -anxious (once an evolutionary advantage) -white (privilege, loss of humanity) -bad at keeping plans, telling jokes -good at wandering, and words -pretty eyes -sun worshipper -lost -child -sister -(shitty)friend -lover -cat parent -woodsy I wonder if writing something takes away its power. like how naming something is a de-mystifying, a form of control. i am writing to get back power. … Continue reading just trying to figure out who i am

before the melting

He’s not much taller than me and when he holds me I think about wholeness even though i was whole already. Kissing him coincides with the coming of winter. By morning he is scraping frost and i am drinking the dregs of a kombucha. Sorry I waited so long to kiss you, he says, kissing me. I wonder if I should be afraid that he … Continue reading before the melting