dust is mostly made of human skin

dust is mostly made of human skin — remember how to blow dust away. depression is just letting dust stay. (settling, settling) maybe happiness is clean and tidy like effort. like joy. or messy bright maybe like Holi and gardening but not dusty. never covered in a fine layer of human skin. look everyone in the eye think of anything to say on a sign … Continue reading dust is mostly made of human skin

the mystery of the blueberries

I am in the habit of hiking without worrying whether I reach the top of any mountain or not. I can’t decide if this shows a lack of ambition or a focus on the journey rather than the destination. I’ve been doing that too, Julia says. Let’s break the habit and summit this mountain what do you say!? It had been so bright and warm … Continue reading the mystery of the blueberries


i thought love was this substance inconstant like cocaine, source of irregular beating and even death but today when i thought about the people i love i felt warm like my heart held kinetic energy, like the beating was an okay tempo and i was home no matter where i was or how far i would ever go the sun is forgiving. it keeps your … Continue reading easy