love poem #261

In yoga class on the 1st of the year, minutes after the sun finally rises in Alaska — 10:30 a.m. — the teacher tells us about the importance of precision over perfection. The difference, she explains, is that when you are precise, you are fully present. All you have to do is concentrate. Everything real happens in this moment. Focus. It was a helpful reminder … Continue reading love poem #261

before the melting

He’s not much taller than me and when he holds me I think about wholeness even though i was whole already. Kissing him coincides with the coming of winter. By morning he is scraping frost and i am drinking the dregs of a kombucha. Sorry I waited so long to kiss you, he says, kissing me. I wonder if I should be afraid that he … Continue reading before the melting

girl girl girlgirlgirl

we meet for lunch — she tells me she goes to ladakh when she is feeling low. “in college, i struggled with depression. ladakh essentially cured me. there was no sadness possible there; only magic, dragons.” i nod, wondering why i never talked about dragons with anyone while i was there, and where sadness goes & stays. she is a hugger who calls her hometown … Continue reading girl girl girlgirlgirl