pretty girls don’t know the things they don’t know

Gemini: There are things that you can forget, and there are things that will stay with you until they’re ready to leave. There are things that are yours to carry, and things that are yours to let go of. There are trees that keep their leaves all winter and there are trees that drop them, every year. There is world full of sun and rain … Continue reading pretty girls don’t know the things they don’t know

the forces on a 22 year old from nowhere

way up here i am tethered, ungrounded. my ears pop. for $9.99 i am fed three warm lumps of meat. everyone around pleads for ginger ale over the silent scream of the engine which we trust with our lives for 05 hrs 53 minutes this time, and each time each time way up here i get all emotional, who knows why. i think maybe there … Continue reading the forces on a 22 year old from nowhere

nature poem

i am watchful like my survival depends on it (it doesn’t. press bluetooth button: “connect.”) watchful like the caribou whose antlers are just a tangle of bone find out that reindeer are just captive caribou go for a walk. notice the sears sign matches the gray mountain. realize with a pang that you would have kissed him if things had been slightly different. think how … Continue reading nature poem

notes on today

cinnamon french toast dog with urinary tract infection roommate with cold, i’m good though except feeling alone and we have a broken fire alarm, chirp chirp -soup- i made all myself jane the virgin hashtag love roof sit sun bathe audre lorde on poetry, strength, solidarity, kundalini yoga lady in all white, you have ten bodies, she says this class will help awaken your soul … Continue reading notes on today