1378373_10151622280832084_151074760_nIn my 23 years of life, I have learned how to scramble eggs exceptionally and survive in the wilderness. In 2015 I graduated from Smith College with a degree in American Studies, which means that I can tell you the exact ways America is fucked up, with a particular eye towards race, gender and immigration. Other notable life events include living in South India for a while and falling in love with the written word via works such as “The Hungry Caterpillar” and “To the Lighthouse.”

Even though I would almost always rather be surrounded by trees than people, I moved across the country to the second largest city in America after graduating. Then, a year later, I moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Originally created to document my studies abroad in India, this blog is now devoted to exploring humanness and American life. When I’m not blogging I can be found working 9-5 at a nonprofit, walking through mountains, or cuddling with your pets.

“Wilderness Zone” refers to the idea that when our lives are in transition, we are at our most creative. These times I like to call wilderness zones because so much is unknown and wild. I love it: wilderness, my twenties, and the unsettling that happens when you move to india or graduate from college.

Thank you for reading!


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