nothing to say about a movie i saw

i think of racism as the ring that that golem couldn’t give up
you don’t know how to give up the ring
once you have it
no matter how many times you vote for obama or
that’s what i took away from the movie ‘get out’
that’s what scared me the most

was the ways in which
the status quo
haunts you
even when
you think
you’re safe
and liberal. because i am queer and a girl i know that
you feel crazy when you see the way they hold on to what they have
without meaning too. even though it hurts you and them too
because it hurts you so they lose you and they lose
some of their goodness. they lose some of what makes them good.

can we keep what makes us good. can we

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 7.30.27 PM


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