sean king in alaska

sean king spoke in alaska he said see
the problem is we confuse technological advances for social progress.
we assume that over time, humanity keeps getting gentler;
that over time, we learn from our mistakes.

we don’t. not always. right now we are near the
valley. right now, there are more incarcerated people
than any point in all of human history.
right now, being black & brown is criminal,
and being strong and female makes men tighten their grip
on their guns
and their slipping
over our bodies

make america good
make america organized
in her resistance
to the tyranny within
all of us.

at the end, we rose to applaud sean king and everything
burning inside him and us all but
before we could clap, a man with white skin soft and a grizzly face,
stood up to yell at sean king and all of us for forgetting that white men
fought to end slavery too, spitting mad and we

couldn’t breathe because we saw that sean king was right.
that whiteness invested is anger, ownership and fear
that our task is to chase the demons from our
past and present
before any of us
are in the clear.


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