to do (before it’s too late)

today someone asked me send her my life bucket list and it made me think about how the greatest skill i’ve learned from working 9-5 is how debilitating work can be if I don’t make to-do lists. every morning i make one, and it’s why i’m productive and how i can breath and flow. so my life bucket list is important, i realized today. it is something i want to consult more, with intention. i want to check things off. there’s no day like today. here it is. step one: any of them.

1. learn spanish. it is more beautiful than english anyway, and it will increase my ability to communicate
2. live so long that i forget how old i am
3. move a crowd
4. go for a solo trek
5. hike machu picchu with someone i love
6. take the train from anchorage to fairbanks
7. be vegan with eggs as an exception
8. conduct oral histories with conservative women so i can understand
9. learn how to successfully do the scorpion yoga pose
10. love and be loved
11. listen to someone tell me their whole life story in one sitting
12. go to iceland spontaneously. the economy there isn’t doing so hot so it’s realistic. find myself there
13. become best friends with someone at least fifty years older or younger than me
14. become a mentor to a teenage girl
15. fall through the sky
16. go night skiing
17. propose to someone (i do not want to be proposed to) somewhere where there are so many stars
18. cry in front of each person i love
19. communicate in a sustained fashion with a bunch of primates other than humans
20. write a song that is catchy enough for my twin sister to hum to herself on the way to work
21. get paid for what i write
22. visit every single national park
23. rescue a puppy
24. stand up on a surf board
25. fall off of a surf board
26. get a column published in modern love
27. get a dosa pan
28. learn latte art
29. run a marathon
30. vote in every single election
31. figure out what it means to be an activist, advocate, warrior and be it
32. be out of debt
33. be social media-less for eleven years
34. if i DO decide to get pregnant, have a turkey baster party
35. make a pizza entirely from scratch with maria (grow wheat, milk cow)
36. get my boating license
27. go to cuba
28. perform at a spoken word poetry night
29. hike the appalachian trail
30. and the pct
31. stand up in front of a crowd and say something profoundly true that I didn’t know was true until i said it
32. give a toast at at least 3 weddings
33. save someone’s life
34. visit antartica with ariane on cruise, new zealand with kelly backpacking the whole time, japan with francesca when we’re older and richer, and go back to madurai to see my host parents
35. take snow days as often as possible
36. motorcycle in india
37. go to graduate school
38. write a non normative biography, reading between the lines of history
39. go my whole life without driving (as in, in the driver’s seat) on a los angeles freeway
40. live in a cooperative house in oakland for a summer
41. see live something lin manuel-miranda created
42. march on washington
43. be stupid
44. be kind
45. forgive
46. live in alaska for a while. fly from alaska to hawaii when the winter gets unbearable.
47. grow something delicious and bright green
48. bike across the country
49. see more sunrises that my teenage self woulda thought possible
50. learn sign language. go to a sign language poetry night
51. fall in love with a cellist
52. learn how to make bagels
53. build a piece of furniture (ikea furniture doesn’t count)
53. greek islands, check em out
54. go to paris without taking a picture anywhere near the eiffel tower
55. get another degree, in something silly, without going too much more into debt
56. try contact improv
57. make goat cheese from scratch
56. go to timor leste, just not for two whole years
57. eat more jackfruit
58. see my nuns again
60. write a screenplay with candice
61. join a game of cricket boys are playing in the street
62. always always be considered a good listener
63. party harder as a senior citizen than i do now
64. create public art
65. volunteer at a library
66. learn how to code
67. learn how to throw a frisbee
68. help someone pass a math test
69. each year, write at least as many poems for how old i am
70. never stop writing handwritten letters
71. meditate silently for six months.
72. get better at dancing (or care less)


One thought on “to do (before it’s too late)

  1. Annie, You are an amazing writer with a wonderful sense of humor! I feel so proud to be your mom! 🙂 I enjoy all your posts and this one is great – we all should have a bucket list as amazing as yours! The turkey baster one though, I wonder about? Love, Mom

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