girl girl girlgirlgirl

we meet for lunch — she tells me she goes to ladakh when she is feeling low. “in college, i struggled with depression. ladakh essentially cured me. there was no sadness possible there; only magic, dragons.” i nod, wondering why i never talked about dragons with anyone while i was there, and where sadness goes & stays.

she is a hugger who calls her hometown santa monica “paradise” which i kind of judge her for because everyone who lives there is rich. she only recently realized she is gay – within the past 2 years. the first time she had sex with a woman, she couldn’t believe it, how amazing it was. sex with men is overrated for sure, i say, spearing a poached egg.

her current documentary is about some nepali nuns who are teaching a form of martial arts to local women and getting a lot of push back for it. she says women get raped more often in this region than anyone ever talks about or reports.

later i ask her if she knows my nuns and she says no but the rumor is that the karsha nuns are particularly fierce. she says she’s never talked about this with anyone but the nuns might be a little bit gay — like two of them were definitely in a relationship whether or not they were sleeping together — and this makes me think a lot about love in all its forms. she says that in the airport the nuns are hilarious — the only time they’ve ever seemed uncertain, timid.

she drops me off at the beach on the way to the valley to buy an airbrush makeup kit for her sister. i didn’t know you could airbrush a real live person but i don’t say anything about that and she tells me next time we’ll go to disneyland since i’ve never been and it always makes her giggle. we hug goodbye and her sweet car disappears into the afternoon sun.


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