point barrow

i understand the desire to walk to the northernmost tip
of the coldest state near the arctic circle where
there is only ice and stars. where we
cannot go any further.
this is what humans do.
(polar bears also do this.)

we don’t know who we are anymore so
we get up and go
somewhere like barrow, alaska
where bald eagles catch fish and
there is precious little sunlight so
when there is warmth
we know what we’ve got.
that we are human.
or bear.

today i remembered that love is the only meaning
I ever want to ascribe to this beautiful stupid painful
life. love that makes you feel like you’re such an idiot
like the girl who reminds you of your best self,
of alaskan daylight. and the one who was there for you
before you were anything, who became when you became,
who loves you for who you’ve always been, who is wise and
forever has your back. the family who will remember
your birthday even though
you don’t put it on facebook and
will remind you how far you’ve come,
of what northern stars are like
as people and

friends who teach you about beauty
(you only have beautiful friends)
and who don’t give up on you, who remind you of
who you are becoming,
of what goodness looks like
without having to.


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