janet mock and the police

look after each other, janet mock said.
take care of your own care take care
don’t care so much
you lose your hope
but take care.

there is a pandemic in our society, she said.
this violence against trans women of color
our bodies our lives

we are not safe.
it’s a pandemic,
this hurt loss hatefear.

it’s a killing frenzy, the police officer defines
school shootings. a fad a trend a domino effect
back in my day, children did not have to fear
each other
not like this

and then we’re like
fuck the police when
he defends his kneejerk reactions,
his blanket distrust of Black boys
in hoodies but
the public enemy
is above all
the ones
we decide later, shaking
over the conversations
about living with yourself
after a
how he told us not to run
if we wanted to live with ourselves.

take care, the police man says
on his way out
to protect
some of us.


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