silver lining thursday

he said sometimes at lunch hour we sneak over to a mormon thrift shop on olympic
that sells mainly board games that never made it like hive
it’s chess but with bugs you protect queen bee
to win you surround your enemy it’s very pleasant
you should come next time.

at 2 am she scrambled me some eggs and said
if your religious beliefs disagree with
wiccen, don’t eat. you’ll really get sick
like really bad energy, seriously though are you christian
and i laughed and said, nah i’m kinda buddhist so
i’m good but i got a cold later that week.

I was so hungry dreading staying late for a concert
you know the violins never really spoke to me
but they were the greatest musicians alive
and i thought i might cry but mostly i thought
i feel it all i feel it all my ears are so full like a doorway to my soul i
don’t care that my stomach is this empty and that
never happens.

i think today was like
when you’re feeling glum go lobster diving
and stretch your back.


2 thoughts on “silver lining thursday

  1. Hi Annie,

    It’s a delight to read your new stream of poetry. You are branching out and trying on new voices and exploring new imagery. It’s exciting to see you experimenting in this powerful way and strengthening your already great writing skills. Keep ’em coming!

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