moon hipster

i was not curious about the moon
that only hid in this way
every so often

a kid you cannot impress.
because she has spent
her whole life
all 5 years of it
in wonder

i’m not saying i’ve seen more
than you probably i’ve seen
less but

i’ve been
entranced lately.
gone to sleep early.
dreamt of all the heaven
i’ve been to already, the
only hidden moon i want to see
i saw when i was too tired to sleep or
look up

at all the stars. all the shooting stars.
and all the waterfalls built into rocks,
all the fog blankets and dew drops and tiny
orange salamanders. i am five and the whole world
is amazing. so wake me up and tell me about the blood moon
hideaway and i’ll drink my coldbrew out of a mason jar
and tell you about how
i had dreams i can’t remember
in the hazy darkness
that only comes around like once
a day, okay,
moon girl.

but my period will come
blood moon blood that day and
i’ll write a poem about how
your body cannot sleep through
anything like this and we’re all



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